Snail Bob Is A Game For Children

Snail Bob is a game for children with level after level of fun and challenging puzzles. Here’s some information about the game and how it will entertain and help your children learn.

Snail Bob Basics

The game is highly simple to play, but it stacks up challenges as it goes along. It’s based on flash, so you’ll want to make sure that you have Adobe Flash readily usable in your browser before plunking a kid down in front of it since otherwise they might get annoyed.

The way the game works is that appears on the screen when the game starts, and he starts moving forward at literally a “snail’s Pace” until he runs into an obstacle or else completes the level. Getting him to the end of the level where he safely escapes is up to the player.

This is achieved by clicking on the right things at the right time. For example, there might be a lever you have to click in order to lower a drawbridge so Bob can make it across before he gets there. If you don’t lower the drawbridge in time, Bob will fall into the pit and yell in distress. There’s nothing graphic or anything, Bob will just look upset and vanish from sight.

In the beginning levels of the first game, everything is spelled out fairly explicitly. There will be circles around the levers you have to push as well as an explanation in the subscript for what you need to do. This might involve clicking and sliding the mouse one way or another, or even moving it in a circle to winch up a drawbridge, for example.

It’s fairly creative and it varies on a level to level basis. There’s music playing throughout, but it’s the same music. Fortunately, you can adjust this if you so desire.

Making It Through the Game

Each level is a different challenge, and the first game will get harder and harder. But there are dozens of levels per game, and 8 games in the series on the site. There’s also a plot of sorts to help carry you through the game. Bob has to make it through the construction site safely and he also meets his grandfather in different parts as well. In later game chapters, the snails even make it to ancient Egypt. It’s simple to understand but provides plenty of challenge. There’s every reason to suggest that your children should be able to play it at an age where they can use the computer at all. This is due to the fact that in the beginning, there’s definitely some handholding with circles appearing over switches in order to help make it easier, but things get more challenging later on.

Overall, the game is ideal for children trying to develop their intellectual skills. It will also keep them entertained for hours at the same time while they are achieving this.